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Crane award

Is there a contest this year? Compton was 100 up on Dwyer as of December 7. I don't know whether that is still a race? What has happened in the last couple of weeks? The ACBL should be reporting this as a challenge. (The last Compton-Itibashi race was down to the nubs and the ACBL missed a marketing opportunity in failing to follow it.)

Chris is an iron man. He plays more days than most anyone and while I believe his motivation is, in part, putting two girls through college, it is impressive that he can play at a high level for 300+ days a year. But, in the end, it is an attendance contest. It might be interesting to recognize the person with the most "masterpoints per day", with a minimum of 30/60/90(?) days played.

For the little it is worth, over the last ten years I average ten points a day and I judge a tournament by whether I have exceeded the "ten per day" standard.

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