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Counter-Defenses to Defenses to our 1NT Opening showing Majors

Over the years, several of us have exchanged views on the above subject with helpful but hardly conclusive views. I’m bringing up the subject again because we have new readers or perhaps some of our old hands have modified their previous views.

I believe there are well over 100 intervention agreements out there.  Let me limit this post/query to countering interventions that indicate (or that may do so) with length/values in both majors.  There can be (at least) four such interventions over our 1NT:

- 2C

- 2D

- 2H

- Double (for a minor or both majors)


What might be your views for responder’s initial action other than pass. And, of course, other thoughts. 

(Yes, I know, successful counters can be WING IT.)

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