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Correcting a correct but mistaken explanation

Playing a Strong Club system in a club Swiss Pairs session, I had a hand the other day where partner opened 1 and RHO bid 1. Our agreement after a 1 overcall is that I pass with 0-4 points and double with 5-7 points and systems on otherwise. However, after any other overcall, I bid with 5-8 points, although I can pass and await developments, and double with more. Whether those calls should be reversed is up for debate.

I held 6 points and a five-card Hearts suit and forgot the system and bid 1, which partner, also forgetting the system, explained as 5-8 points and a 5+card Hearts suit. We bought the contract in 3NT and I corrected my partner's explanation of the 1 bid to say that, by our agreements, it showed 8-10 points and an unknown 5+card suit, even though his explanation was an accurate description of the hand I held.

Was this correct of me? Partner was dubious about it.


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