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Control-Showing Responses to Strong 2 Openings: General Thoughts?

As a fairly new player of Bridge, I am curious what people think about "control-showing" responses to strong 2 openers as an alternative to any of the 2 waiting bid systems and their various forms.  

Do any readers here like to respond to partner's strong 2 bid by showing controls?  If so, what type of system do you use?  

As a starting point, this entry on the Strong 2 convention on lays out what seems to me to be the most-played version of control showing responses, for those partnerships that do not use a 2 waiting bid system.  

In any case, I thought I would start this thread, accompanied by a poll, to hear the thoughts of BW community members regarding control-showing responses to strong 2 openers.  Good?  Bad?  Somewhere in between?  What do people think? 

With all or some of my partners, I use some sort of control-showing response system for strong 2 openings.
I never use control-showing responses to strong 2 openings by partner, regardless of who I am playing with.
Neither of these options apply to me because the bidding system I use does not employ the strong 2 opening.

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