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Congrats College Pairs Winners!

An awesome turnout of 40 pairs from 17 colleges competed in our first College Bridge Online Club Stratified Pairs Tournament, with six college pairs receiving travel packages to attend the 2019 Collegiate Bridge Bowl in Las Vegas this July. This was the first time we have held a stratified pairs tournament for this group, and I was really happy to see several new schools participate as well as some of our newer players.

Travel package winners are:

  • UC Santa Barbara, UCSB 4 - Danning Lu and Sarp Kurgan
  • Georgia Tech, GT Tech 4 - Justin Shio and Sriram Ganesan
  • Carnegie Mellon, CMU 1 - Mathew Shi and Brent Xiao
  • Carleton College, Carleton 1 - Jackson Wahl and Sarah Emmons
  • Tufts University, Tufts - William Scott and Jeffry Silver
  • Rice University, Rice - Varun Suriyanarayana and Mark Saving

Sean McNally and Morgan Johnstone from the University of Minnesota came in first, but since they previously won a team travel package, they were not eligible to win in the pairs event.

Tournament Summary - 

More info about the Bridge Bowl events can be found on our website

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