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"Cone of Silence" or out of business? -- ACBL Management's Technology Committee

ACBL appears to have become silent about CEO Robert Hartman's "Management’s Technology Committee;" the last meeting minutes were posted for a July 30, 2015, meeting, a week BEFORE the Chicago Summer NABC.  Five-plus months, we have seen nothing new on ACBL's page.

ACBL has said nothing on its website about the Management's Technology Committee Open Meeting in Chicago, but Adam Parrish reported on it for Bridge Winners at

Since then?  Zippo.  Zilch.  Nada.

Was there a Management's Technology Committee Open Meeting in Denver?  Did anyone bother to go?  Anyone know -- and willing to report -- what (if anything) was revealed there?

Has Management's Technology Committee held any committee meetings since July 30 of last year?  Are there any minutes or results of any such meetings hiding under ACBL's "Cone of Silence?"  If so, can they be brought out to ACBL's members?

There was lots of talk about ACBL CIO Mitch Hodus's openness when he reported on all the problems at the Chicago open meeting early in August of 2015. Since then ... has anybody heard -- and willing to report -- any updates on status or progress?

Is anybody in the know (some members of the Committee are quite active here on Bridge Winners) willing to comment here, to give interested Bridge Winners members a substantive update on the current status of ACBL's technology and/or ACBL's Management’s Technology Committee?

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