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Cheating your teammates

I think what we are starting to see with these vacated titles is an unforeseen side effect of cheating.  We all know that cheaters steal from the opposition. What is even sadder is stealing from friends and teammates.  It is a tribute to the top players in our game how quickly they vacated these tainted titles and and tournament eligibility once they learned about how they were achieved. 


These teammates and sponsors of cheating pairs are as much victims as anyone, if not more so. They invested their time, money, and or opportunity in these events only to find out after the fact that they had no chance of winning. At least those playing against the cheaters had a chance, even if not a fair one.


Best of luck to Sabine, Roy, Geir and these other victims, and let's hope that people at least consider their "friends" next time if they can't think of the opponents and do the right thing.

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