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Cheating Related Poll - Part I

This is broken up into Part I and Part II, and the group is limited because, inter alia, the BW mechanism allows but 16 available choices.


Select the best 5 in Part I of this unscientific, but informative, exercise. Which of the following would you trust most to represent the ACBL interests in anti-cheating procedures and enforcement?


(NOTE: This is not any form of contest or competition, only a polite request for your honest opinion.  The names are presented in alphabetical order.  This definitely is a point to this, to be addressed soon).

Please select up to 5 choices.

Kevin Bathurst
Boye Brogeland
Cheri Bjerkan
Peter Boyd
Bart Bramley
Jon Brissman
Dennis Carmen
John Carruthers
Dennis Clerkin
Lesley Davis
Sharon Fairchild
Bruce Ferguson
John Fout
Eldad Ginossar
Bob Glasson
Marty Harris

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