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Cheating is cheating

Many posters have speculated on the penalties that should be assigned to the players caught cheating. I would like to ask if there are degrees of cheating? I don't believe there are. Someone who cheats in a Saturday afternoon duplicate for example, by leading singletons with their left hand is just as guilty of cheating as the pairs who have just been exposed. They are playing against their peers, just as FS PS and FN are playing against their peers. So do you think that they should be banned from playing for 10 years as well?

What about at a somewhat higher level in a state selection where one player claims and tries to hide a revoke and you only find out later by looking at the hand record? Should that person be banned for 10 years?

My question is, "where do you draw the line?" Cheating is cheating regardless of where it is done.

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