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Changes in meaning

Just been re-reading Mike Lawrence's Judgement at Bridge, which was published in 1976. He posits this auction: 1-(2)-2-(3)-3, and suggests that 3 says "I have a good hand, partner, do you think we have a game?" I think he was right -- then. Nowadays, I think 3 would say "I have an extra trump and want to compete for the part score." If opener wanted to invite game here he would bid 3 as a sort of "Last Train" game try. Unfortunately, since we haven't discussed it, most of my partners would consider it a "help-suit" game try and act accordingly. So I probably shouldn't do it in those partnerships. Anyway, the point of this is that I wonder if I'm right that the meaning of the last bid in Lawrence's auction has changed over the last forty three years. What say ye?

Edited to add missing parentheses around the 3 bid.

No, things have not changed, Lawrence is still right.
Yes, things have changed, in just the way you think.
Yes, things have changed, but not in the way you think (please specify in comments).
Other, because there's always an other.

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