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One of my favorite features on Bridge Base Online is "Challenge a star"  You get there by selecting  challenges in the featured areas of the BBO home page.

You then click on "Challenge s star" Then click on "create challenge"  Then click on the green button in the top right hand corner of the next screen, and then click on "play now".

You will then play eight boards with a robot partner.  The star will play the same boards, I assume also with a robot partner, and you play against two robots.  You can select the number of boards and the type of scoring: Imps or match points at the  "create challenge" window.  I prefer 8 board imps since you are not martchpointing against a field, and eight boards is short enough so you might have a choice to win.

I would like to thank the stars for taking the time to play these hands, and thus giving an average player an opportunity to compete against  much stronger opposition than one usually finds at a club game. For example I have played against Adam Grossack, Phil Markey, Richard Jeng, and many strong international players who I am sure are stars in their own country.  Warning, try this it home and it may become addictive. It is also quite humbling, and you shouldn't play unless you can stand losing. You should wait for a few minutes after the match to allow the system to process the scoring so you can see the result in Imps.   

I would be interested to know from the stars, or from the BBO administarators, how this is setup?  How many hands do the stars play in one session, do the stars have robot partners, and how are the stars selected?

I also would like to thank BBO for creating this opportunity.

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