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Cerebral Gym

Sorry for the shameless plug but after 6 years of being a full-time games player and 13 years of trading, I have quit to start a project called "Cerebral Gym".

The idea is to create a chain of gyms where there is no physical activity only mental, such as classes in anything from learning bridge to Mandarin, lectures, debates, meditation and a bar to hang out. This will be linked to online learning and an app for semi-bespoke personal mind training (e.g. Improve memory, speed reading, bridge puzzles, even opera music with a synopsis etc). 


The bridge section is not going to be aimed at BW type level, more introducing people to the game and hopefully turning intermediates into players that will then come on to BW and play more competitively. David Gold has said he will help promote the idea as a Cerebral Gym ambassador. David Burn is also going to be our resident polymath.

The website is currently under development but there is a holding page already at

Much love if you logon and take a look and enter your email there if you would like to be kept in touch with future developments. 

Any suggestions, criticism or comments on the project most welcome below. Anyone with any free time that would like to get involved in the project also please feel free to message me, there is a lot to do!


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