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Carding question...

Let's say opps bid:

1 - 4 - All pass

We play UDCA, and pard leads A from AKxxx in a side suit, and dummy tables QJx in that suit.

So Pd needs to figure out if I can ruff the third round if he continues the suit. 

And sometimes (even when I have xxx) he might also need to cash the King before declarer can discard (but not if I have xxxx, of course).

With xx, I of course play low (encourage/even count).

And with xxx I play high (discourage/odd count).

But what is the "standard/normal" play when I have xxxx? Do I play low to show count? Or do I play high to discourage?

If you play standard signals, I guess the scenario is the same...(?) --- With xxxx, do you play high to show count, or low to discourage?

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