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cancelling a board

I had this weird situation recently.

We were playing the next to last round of an team tournament (14 bds/match, 6 rounds) that is played at all levels and much more for training than for real competition.

Still we were in contention for 1st place and meeting direct opponents.

Our opponents were pro/client, my partner is a pro too. We are going along well with the opposing pairs (but they are not exactly friends).

A deal arrives in the middle where we reach an ice cold 6 (7 does not make ; the only problem is to bid it, i would evaluate that the other pair should find it at least 50% of the time, but it is not completely sure since there is another client with my cards at the other table).

So lefty pro leads, sees dummy and asks my partner : "you have AQ of right ?"

She answers yes (she can already claim, losing the A lead) and then the pro says : "ok, i played this one last week so in all honesty i cannot let our pair play it again", took all the cards and shuffled !

Nobody called director ; i was quite surprised and my partner seemed to have no problem with that because they had played it.

But we could not score less !

To say the least the rest of the game was not played in a warm spirit.Had the director been called, what would he have ruled ?

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