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But is bridge Fun?

The word FUN is often used to describe Duplicate Bridge.

But is that the best term to use to describe Duplicate Bridge?

Does Fun really resonate with our audience?  What does Fun mean to our bridge audience?

Are Tournaments really fun?  If I forget an agreement or take a bad sacrifice, am I having fun at those times?

People say that they want to put the Fun back in bridge.  What does that mean?  How will we know when we succeed or fail?  Who decided that Fun was missing?

Can't we come up with words that convey a stronger message?

Do any of these words seem to work better? 

absorbing, analytic, appealing, challenging, compelling, consuming, energizing, engaging, engrossing, enjoyable, entertaining, enthralling, exciting, fascinating, fulfilling, gratifying, gripping, intriguing, invigorating, logical, penetrating, rewarding, riveting, satisfying, stimulating, thoughtful

Let's leave Fun for the amusement park and find a more effective term to describe duplicate bridge.

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