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Buffett Cup 2019 Scoring

More than a few of you have sentqueriesabout Buffett Cup 2019 scoring. The European Captain, Paul Hackett, and creator of the original Buffett Cup to the rescue!

The basic scoring itself is relatively simple.

On each board you either win draw or lose the board to score 2-1-0 points . A difference of 10 points is a draw.

However there are several complications because there are 3 teams. That means you can only start comparing in the second part of each 2 board sessions.

Pairs and numbered 1-4 for each team and 1-8 in the individual.

The only pair (Individual) you compare with are those who have the same number in the opposing 2 teams.

Thus in each 12 boards the maximum any pair can win is 24 points. Each pair then adds up there teammates score to create the final total.

In the Individual as each match is 7 boards the maximum each Individual can win is 14 points.

Again; you add all the totals of your teammates to create your teams total.

However as the teams, pairs and the individual have different maximum totals, you then factor up the totals to create Buffett Cup points.

The teams is multiplied by 6 and the pairs by 2.

At the end of the event the team which has the most Buffett Cup points is the winner.

Since the 2019 Buffett Cup is the first time that 3 teams, China, Europe and US are competing, the ability to compare immediately and the calculations are a bit more complex than a two team event. We hope, however, that Paul's explanation gives a bit more insight as to how each event's results are scored, and why (as much as we would like to do so), we are unable to report following every set.

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