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BOD Reduction Vote

First of all, forgive me for starting a new thread, but my post here is quite long and I think it deserves its own space.

Having spoken with one of the members of the task force, and read all of the documentation I am better informed as to what they are trying to achieve .

First of all lets forget the money, yes it is nice to save some money but that will do little to advance bridge.

The truth of the matter is the BOD is bogged down in minutiae 25 people spend three days half the time talking about ridiculous stuff, which should be handled by sub committees, things like should clubs be allowed 2 club appreciation games and conditions of contest for tournaments.

So the plan is to streamline the board over a period of time.37 member board is a bit of a red herring, in order for that to happen every district that is merging would have to have a third candidate, that wins, and both of the losing contenders would have elect to stay on the BOD.What is likely to happen is that the BOD will gradually reduce itself over 4 or 5 years to the 13 number of regions.

What is the expectation?

That the time wasting debates and discussions, will be moved out of the BOD general work and be moved into Committees like appeals and charges, which report to the board. These committees being populated by people that are highly regarded as experts in the area under consideration. Club Owners Tournament managers Top flight players.The concept being that the BOD itself will morph into a group that is more expert in the field of running and growing our business, so that the mistakes of the last decade do not repeat themselves, and that Bridge itself does not die.

Is it political?

In the sense that they are trying to achieve what is practical at this time as opposed to what is optimal, yes it is, In the sense that they are asking the districts to come together for the good of the league and in some cases vote themselves out of office? No it is not

Is it good for Bridge?

In my opinion it might be better if we had this plan in place along side a plan of what happens on the day after, which outside committees will be formed and how they will work and who they will report to.However from a pragmatic perspective, getting all of that passed the BOD would be an effort in futility.

Do I like it?

To be honest Board reduction and more focus by the BOD have been at the forefront of my thoughts for a long time, I might prefer a 9 member board, I might prefer that the ducks were in a row , but  those are just preferences.Overall going forward it looks like we are going in the right direction.

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