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Big Data : digital data from analogue Bridge. Distributed, total bridge data via sites worldwide with add/read APIs

Just wondering if anyone is thinking about this too.


From a global view, Bridge data is collected and stored in an incomplete, fragmented way. The data stores (VuGraph, NBOs, BridgeWebs, Pianola,... etc), in the main, do not speak to each other. App developers can not easily access global bridge data to produce engaging user experiences of high value. Engaged youth would expect stunning digital experiences.


Collecting bridge data is also full of holes.  Unless boards are played electronically the only way to record timing of analogue play (with real cards) is via VuGraph operators who are performing, primarily, data entry. Isn't that crying out for automation?. It needs a rethink of how we play bridge and what technology we need to build bridge's own "big data".


If this interests you at all,  get maybe let's get a small group together to see if we can make things happen?.

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