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Bidding Problem in Real Time

IMPs, NV. (No intervention).

Partner opens INT 15-17 in first seat.

You hold Q7-75-Q10975-A1097.

Despite the strong minor-suit intermediates, you decide to simply invite with 2C.

Partner responds 2S (showing only 2-3 hearts) and you bid 2NT.

Partner passes, presumably with a hand that evaluates to a 15-count.

The table result is immaterial.

Right now, I'm running a simulation on another computer with these specs for opener's hand:

A 15-count with 4 spades and 2-3 hearts.

Your estimate of how many tricks declarer will take, Double Dummy, no declarer's advantage?

(Disclosure: I have an excellent track record for trick estimation for many similar deals.) :)

PS: Only 1000 deals.  I have not allowed for possible intervention.

I'll let you know the spit-out from my simulation tomorrow Sunday.

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