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Bidding-practice webapp (2)

This is an update to my previous post:

Read that thread first, if you are interested and want to know... :)

I have now added a popup to this training or bidding-system "rehearsal" webapp:

In addition to hcp-requirements, there is now a pretty rich set of options to also specify suit-lengths/patterns for the two hands. See screen capture below.

If you click the button at the top, "Specify hands", you get a popup, where (in addition to hcp) you can also specify suit-lengts for West and East, respectively.

You can also specify whether each hand should be: Balanced/Semibalanced/Unbalanced. You can select one or more of these options -- at least one of them need to be selected, of course.

In addition, you can also specify in the rightmost columns a combined range for hcp or suit-length --- e.g. West+East should have at least 30 hcp (for slam-zone deals), or should be dealt 9+hearts together, etc.

Similarly, in the rightmost columns you can also require a combined range for how many cards in each suit West and East should have combined.

Finally there are options for: Major, Minor and AnySuit.

If you say that West should have "Major: 6-13" he should be dealt a 6+suit in either Hearts or Spades. Or you can say "Minor: 0-0" to deal a player a void in either Diamonds or Clubs, etc.   Similarly, for AnySuit.

Finally, I am testing this webapp primarily in Chrome and Firefox, so if you have issues with Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc, please try opening the URL it in Chrome or Firefox.


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