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Bidding Improvement With Weak NT?

Transfers have two advantages.  They conceal the opening NT bidder's hand and cause the lead to come up to it, and permit responder to act again or not after bidding, as he chooses.


The former advantage seems much smaller when playing weak NT's, perhaps a disadvantage.  It's obviously easier to count a hand whose strength is known in a limited range, and the stronger hand might not be the concealed one.  However, playing old-fashioned Goren seems clunky, for example do you really want to have to jump to 3H holding?







I'm wondering what thoughts people have on modifying bidding over a weak NT.  Two-way Stayman is a possibility, but when partner doesn't have a 4-card major you're going to lose the 2-level anyway.  On the example hand, if partner responds 2H to 2D (forcing Stayman) it would be loverly to bid 3H as a slam try, but if partner bids 2S or 2N you're right back where you were with Goren, bidding 3H as your first natural bid.  I guess if you reverse the majors though you have a gain by being able to bid a forcing 2S, but that might be as few as 4 spades.



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