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Bidding 6-card Suit in Competition

Both red and sitting 2nd seat, you picked up KJ7xxx Qx Qx 9xx. RHO passed and you decided to pass. Then the bidding went as 

(P)  P  (1)  1

(1) 1 (P) 1N

(P) ?

1) I pass because LHO may have spades behind me and partner's 1N showed no tolerance
2) I pass because it may be easier to make 1N than 2, given Qx holding
both 1) and 2)
3) I would rebid 2 although pass is not that unreasonable
4) I always rebid 2 over 1N with 6-card suit
5) I think pass with this hand is outrageous due to lack of entries
both 4) and 5)

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