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Best way to bid this hand?


You are playing in an IMPs match, and this is the 2nd out of 16 boards. You know that your opponents are playing some form of Lebensohl across their 15-17 strong 1NT

Seating in the 2nd seat, your partnership plays the following conventional bids:

Dbl - 6+m 4M

2C - both majors (can be 5-4)

2D - 10+ HCP, 1 major with 5+ suit

2H/S - that major suit and 1 minor (5-5)

2NT - both minors (5-5)

As per partnership agreement, due to the dbl not being for business, your partnership agreed that bidding 2D would signal more on the points than the suit quality, as compared to bidding 3M directly.(For instance, you would bid 2D with Kxx QJxxxx Ax xx but bid 3M instead with Kxx AQJTxx xx xx or xxx KQJxxx QJx x)

Over your partner's 2D, you have the following responses:

P - long diamond suit

2H/S/3H/S - Pass or correct (just like in Multi-2D)

2NT - 10+ HCP, Forcing, asking partner to further describe the holding

3C - long club suit

3D - invitational in both majors.

Apart from the above, you have no agreements over anything.

So how do you bid this hand? And would it change depending on the vul? On the side note, if you mind, would it be better if we reverse the meanings of 2D and 3M? (ie. 3M would signal a stronger hand than 2D, instead of like now)

Bid 2H and pass if partner corrects to 2S.
Bid 2H and raise to 3S if partner corrects to 2S
Bid 2H and raise to 4S if partner corrects to 2S
Bid 3H and pass if partner corrects to 3S
Bid 3H and raise to 4S if partner corrects to 3S
Bid 3D
Customary 'other' bid (Elaborate please)

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