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Attitude to System Regulations

I played my first night of club bridge for around two years last Tuesday and it will be my last for some time as the club has shut down due the current virus situation.

It was no ordinary night for me as we had agreed to play a Polish Weak Opening System - Suspensor.

Armed with two system cards and suggested defences to our forcing pass, 1, 1, 1, 1, and 1NT openings we turned up at the club for a night of IMP teams.

Suspensor, or at least the modified version we were playing has the following structure:Pass 13+ hcp any distribution.

1 8-12 hcp 3-5 cards in both majors.

1 0-7 hcp unsuitable for any of our preemptive openings

1 8-12 hcp and 0-2 or 6+ s

1 8-12 hcp and 0-2 or 6+ s

1NT 8-12 hcp and exactly a five card major and at least four in a minor and 0-2 in the other major.

Other versions of Suspensor continue the 8-12 openers through the two-level but we squeezed them all into the one-level and played

2-2 as 0-7 hcp weak twos vulnerable and

not vulnerable

2 clubs and a major 0-7

2 diamonds and a major 0-7

2 hearts and spades 0-7 and

2 weak two 5+ 0-7

Anyway the system was not the point of the article.

We sat to play against two very typical relatively inexperienced club players for the last match. We gave them our pre-alerts and explained that we had a suggested defence if they wanted. 

Pandemonium broke out. No just kidding. They said literally "Oh that sounds like fun" and we proceeded to play the match without incident. At the end of the match they thanked us for a good game as did we. 

The notion that people have a fundamental problem playing against this sort of system seems to be far from the reality. They simply did not care. 

For the record they beat us but that was because of a bizarre pass by my partner of my takeout double after Pass (3) Dbl (Pass) - where his pass was forcing and my double was takeout. He had 3=2=3=5 distribution with two small hearts. I was about to make a slam try if he just bid a normal 4, he then misdefended so we scored +300 instead of a 600 game or 1400 slam (not sure if we would have got there).

The experience just reinforced to me that the system regulations and the adversions to so-called HUM systems is completely bonkers.

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