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Atlanta Spingold Round of 16 Report

The round of 16 saw even more upsets and a match-deciding appeal.  #3 DIAMOND and #4 FLEISHER, both of whom had escaped with narrow victories in earlier matches, saw their luck run out today in close matches against #14 HAMMAN and #20 SCHWARTZ.  In fact, the total number of IMPs scored by both teams in the DIAMOND-HAMMAN match was merely 120 IMPs, a total less than the IMPs scored by any other winning team in this round.  

#2 NICKELL also faced a scare from #18 ASSAEL.  When play ceased, NICKELL was up by 5, but ASSAEL appealed a director's ruling.  We will post more information as soon as we can get it, but preliminary reports from our sources in Atlanta indicate that the ruling was upheld and that NICKELL has moved onto the Round of 8.

The other quarterfinal winners were #17 SCHERMER over #32 DUNITZ, #5 LYNCH over #21 EKEBLAD#6 GROMOV over #54 PETERKIN#39 BRIDGE24 over #23 CHABLIS, and #9 GRUE over #8 CAYNE.  Congratulations to all the winners!


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