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Are you kidding me?

"Ruling the Game" feature in one of the latest bulletins was very short. Only one question and a straightforward answer...

The inquirer told about a hand where his RHO opened a Strong 2, he passed, his LHO bid 2 and his partner overcalled 2 which was doubled and went for a huge number.

It turned out that the 2 response was a transfer showing 5+ Hearts.

They called the director who ruled that the 2 bid did not require an alert and therefore the result stands.

The article supported the director's ruling which is based on the current alert regulations.

I can understand not needing to alert 2 if it is "Weak" or "Waiting" or even "GF Waiting" (when playing 2 as "Double Negative") or showing some number of specific controls or even specific strength, unrelated to controls.

I can't understand not alerting when 2 shows any kind of specific distribution.

We announce "Transfer" when we bid 2 over 1NT even though everyone already expects the 2 bidder to hold 5+ hearts.

How can it possibly be correct procedure to not alert, or at the very least announce "transfer", when no one would suspect responder has 5+ hearts?

How does that conforms with the principal of Full Disclosure?

Do we really want a player that is considering acting to have to ask about the 2 bid, just in case responder is showing 5 cards in the suit they consider bidding?

What am I missing?

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