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Anyone remember Feudal?

Some 40 years ago, when I was still young and sufficiently keen to be interested in promoting bidding theory, I wrote a series of articles about 1 systems in general and Precision in particular.  These articles were published in the English magazine International Popular Bridge Monthly (originally Popular Bridge Monthly).


I have just come across one of these articles and it contained a recommendation for a convention called Feudal.  I have no recollection of this convention at all, far less of writing an article espousing its merits.


The idea of this convention was to solve the awkward problem of responder holding five spades and four hearts in response to a 2NT opening.  3 was an enquiry and opener's rebids were as follows:

3 Any hand with a 4333 distribution.  Developments over this were not specified but I presume that the general idea was that responder could bid a four-card major if interested in a 4-4 fit - and he could bid 3 with the 5-4 hand secure in the knowledge that, if opener bid 3NT, there was a 5-3 spade fit available.

3 No four-card major but not 4333.  This enabled responder to bid 3 with five spades and four hearts.

3 Four spades and not 4=3=3=3.

3NT Four hearts and not 3=4=3=3.

4 4-4 in the majors.


Does anyone remember this convention, perhaps having employed it?

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