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Answers to previous two polls and two new questions

Below are the questions asked and the answers to my previous two polls, followed by two new questions.

Question: On average, what percent of students who start out as beginners in a sanctioned ACBL club's teaching program eventually wind up playing in that club's Open duplicate games?

Answer: About 3%.

Question: What percent of the 2,850 sanctioned ACBL clubs hold a sanction for at least one weekly novice duplicate game?

Answer: 5%.

What can be concluded from these percentages?

Two new questions:

Without looking it up, try to guess:

1. In the eighteen years from 1995 to 2013  the number of ACBL sanctioned clubs shrunk by how many?

2. Same question, but this time over just the period 2013 - 2017.

How many?
How many?

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