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Another question on a director call

This seems to be my month to have questions on director calls.  This one happened in a club game yesterday.  It had virtually no effect on matcpoints but I am curious.  Declarer (W) is a solid B player.


Dummy (E) had 6 cards remaining: A hearts, AQx diamonds and AQJ of clubs

Declarer had the K diamonds and another diamond

My partner north had 2 hearts and the Kx of clubs.

There were no remaining spades, declarer and I were out of hearts and all other cards are irrelevant.

The contract was in NT.

Declarer said they were going to play the K diamonds, a diamond to dummy and dummy was good.

I said that dummy was not good and therefore declarer should have to play the least advantageous line of play which means play the A hearts before losing a club and we get a club and a heart vs. just a club if they lose the club before winning the A hearts.

The director said declarer could not be forced to take an illogical line of play and that unblocking hearts would be illogical. 

I said that since declarer thought that dummy was good, that all lines were equal and there was no illogical line.

What is the correct ruling?


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