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Angels and demonstrations

Your hand. vulnerable against not at matchpoints, is:


West, dealer to your left, opens 1NT announced as 15-17.

North, your partner, passes after appreciable thought - maybe 10 seconds or so.

East passes.

You double, showing one minor or both majors.

This works well, because your partner has a 4=4=3=2 19-count (West has psyched). Your side reaches a normal 3NT and makes the same 11 tricks as everybody else.

The Director is called. It is established that North realized he could not double 1NT for penalty, and gave consideration to whether he should double anyway - after all, he did have both majors - and what he would do in some later auctions.

You argue that the break in tempo did not demonstrably suggest anything. Partner might have had a weakish major two-suiter with which he eventually decided not to compete; if that was his hand your double could work very badly.

This argument is:


Acceptable - table result stands, NS 6/12 matchpoints
Hogwash - score adjusted to 1NT by West down five, NS 0/12 matchpoints

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