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An Unusual Daily-Double Double from Lyon

Keeping the most exciting news to the end, we start with the double act of Jean-Christophe Quantin and Cedric Lorenzini.

At the annual general meeting of the International Bridge Press today, August 20th, Cedric and JCQ cleaned up, winning both the best defended and best bid hand awards. JCQ also wrote up the former so he won the journalist prize too, while Mark Horton wrote up the defense.

The other two major awards went to Nabil Edgtton for the junior award (author BW's Liam Milne) and best played hand winner was Boye Brogeland, author Paul Linxwiler.

The second daily double was that achieved by Bridge Winners. Sartaj Hans' book Battling the Best, published by Bridge Winners Press, won the Masterpoint Press Book of the Year in a landslide. Even more satisfying to Bridge Winners readers should be the fact that the Bridge Winners site won the Alan Truscott Award, a prize granted at the discretion of the IBPA for actions or behavior that presented bridge in a good light to the general public or that helped bridge players find out more about the game. BW over the last eight years has become the go-to source for news, and IBPA was happy to give them kudos for their work.

(Editor's note: as pointed out by Peter Hasenson, a full description of each award, including the full hands, can be found here:

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