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An alternative Alerting Policy

The current WBF Alerting Policy document is

I have created an alternative Policy which seeks to address some of the issues raised recently on Bridgewinners; you can view it here:


I have tried to create a policy that is easy to understand and apply; the rules are cohesive and definitive, there are no exceptions.

One clear outcome of the new policy is that 1NT-2M where 2M is natural and non-forcing would clearly be alertable (or announceable if the Regulating Authority so deems).

Suggestions for improvements gratefully received; if someone make a suggestion you approve of please Like it. If they make a suggestion you don't approve of then post a counter-argument; Like this if you also dislike the original suggestion.

The number of Likes will influence changes to the actual document; any changes made will be reflected in the change log posted as the first response to this poll. 

I think this alternative Alerting Policy should be adopted
I think this alternative Alerting Policy should be adopted after some improvements are made
I think the original Alerting Policy is just fine
Neither this nor the original work for me!
Something else

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