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All in Bridge

One way to avoid director calls is to play what I call all in bridge. Terence Reese suggested this many years ago. It is perhaps a nod towards rubber bridge and one notable exponent was Mollo's Hideous Hog. Of course this should exclude collusive cheating and using undisclosed methods.  The sort of ready made conventions are things like Gerber if asked. If an opp asks about your partner's 4 bid you announce Gerber if it suits you.  One player who I had better not name when asked about a bid in a complex sequence would say some thing like, ' If partner does not have a spade control she should sign off in 4'. 

Of course you can hesitate inappropriately during the bidding or play in order to mislead.  You may not lie about conventional bids. You can use three to double cards to warn partner not to remove it. There are many possibilities but you get the idea. 

Any thoughts?  

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