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Alerting Question for Our 3rd/4th Seat Opener

My partner and I decided to play 4 card majors in 3rd and 4th seat -- so far so normal.  The twist is, that with an unbalanced hand, we still open 1M.  1 is a strong club, 1/1NT cover balanced hands, so 1M can be 5M with 4m, but can also be 5m with 4M.  What are the alert requirements for such a treatment?  For example, if the bidding goes, without opposition, P-1-1NT-2, we know Opener has 9 cards in the pointed suits, but we don't know which is longer.  The bids are clearly natural, but do they contain unexpected information about distribution?


Pre-Alert Required
Both 1M and 2m should be alerted
Only 1M needs an alert
Only 2m needs an alert
No alerts required
Who cares, sounds unplayable!

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