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After we have comitted an infraction

A confession:

My partner and I play inverted minors, still applying over a double.  Partner opens 1 as dealer, double on my right, I bid 2, followed by two passes.  I don't say anything and the doubler now bids 2.  Neither side was vulnerable and we do not psych opening bids.  I had a hand that I considered borderline for game and jumped to 3NT, which I then misplayed to go down.

The opponents were informed of the misunderstanding and called the director before the opening lead.  I think my partner said something when I jumped to 3NT.

My oppenents consoled(?) me by pointing out that, if I had made it, the score would have been adjusted because my RHO would not have bid 2 if she had known we were playing inverted minors.  If she is right about that, I think I should have just bid 3.  Assuming this was passed out and made, I don't think the score would have been adjusted.

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