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Advice needed - Kaplan Inversion/Flannery players welcome

Hi All,

Imagine your method was a WK (11-13 hcp) 1NT - no 5M, that a 1NT rebid was 14-16 hcp and that 17-18 hcp BAL is handled by a Gazzilli-like rebid method.  Further imagine that your 1/1 responses showed 5+ suits, but were otherwise normal*. 

How would you choose to handle raises of responder's 1M response, i.e. would you, and if so, how, explicitly distinguish between 3 and 4 card raises?

For example (and I am not suggesting/ordering these, just trying to get the juices rolling), you might

  • Raise both by value immediately, and distinguish later somehow if asked, or
  • Rebid NT if 4333 with 3 card support, and show on checkback if asked, or
  • Rebid NT with any 3 card support (only raising immediately with 4), and show on checkback if asked
  • etc

I invited Kaplan Inversion/Flannery people in particular, as they must have considered something like this in their 1 1 auctions.

Ian C

* it's not directly pertinent to the question, but the reason this is possible as we play in an environment where Pass, 1 & 1 are allowed to be transfer openings, so completing the transfer acts like a semi-forcing NT.

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