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Adjusted Master Points

I have an idea that may help the problems mentioned in other threads about playing up.  The concept is simple.  Each player will have two MP ratings:

1. Their actual total

2. Thier actual total*25/Years as a member.

This will allow young players to move up; someone who has been playing 5 years can play using his actual total, or one that is 5 times that.  A junior with 1000 points in 5 years would now 'have' 5000 for Bracketed KO/Swiss purposes.

Also, a player who has been around a long time, but has aged out of the lower flights might still be able to play in a lower level.  A player with 4000 points in 50 years of play, can now be eligible for up to 2000 events and brackets.  

The number 25 was chosen without any information, before something like this goes into effect, the data on this will be examined.

Also, this is not something the players will have to calculate themselves; I'd hope the ACBL could put this on your MP profile.


If there is enough positive support for this idea, I will try to get this on the Agenda for the Atlanta C&C meeting

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