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Active ethics: A Step too Far?

Night before last. League Match. Team of eight.

Partner and I are playing against very experienced pair. I'm North. Struggling slightly, but last hand before the break and West (still plays international seniors) goes one down in optimistic 4 hearts. As we score up, partner ( says "I don't think it makes any difference to the scores, but I think you (i.e. me) played a club on the spade earlier, and you still had spades".

West is keen to just ignore this, but now it has been brought to table's attention I feel we have to follow the rules (maybe for my own reputation. Opponents also often play at our club). So I check, and sure enough I discarded one of my useless clubs instead of playing a useless spade. (Maybe it was mixed in. I keep swapping between my reading-specs for scoring and initial assessment of my hand [can't see dummy very well] and plain eyesight [can't see my hand very well] and sometimes...)

One trick transfer. Contract made. My partner points out that at time of revoke, declarer had lost one trick, and my partner had the top three trumps.

One trick transfer. Contract made. Very reluctantly (it has to be said), West agrees.

Over tea, West has chat with my partner. You don't really need to point out such things. It is not unethical not to. Apparently he outlined the potential differences between protecting the field in a tournament vs. protecting your teammates. Bit deep for me.

My view to partner:

1 If No-one had noticed, and we had made an undeserved trick because of my revoke, I would expect you to pipe up. In the scenario where the whole thing played out exactly as it would in any case, with no possible alternative, I personally would not say anything if I noticed.

2 However, what you did cannot be wrong.

So, (reversing the order for effect):


What partner did was correct active ethics.
This was a step too far.

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