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Action over 1S?


South as dealer opens 1S.

This is the hand offered in David Yates insightful article (at least I think it is insightful) from yesterday, taken from 1963 World Championships.

Mr. Yates alluded that, had South opened 1S a more modern player might consider a 1NT overcall instead of the "book" pass.   I am interested in polling the BW community.  To be complete I am offering 4 different scoring conditions, White or Red, Matchpoints or Team IMPs.  (Yes I know we can construct 8 conditions, i.e. 4 Vulnerability states, or even more by team scoring-VPs, IMPs, Total Points, win/loss, etc.) but give me a break.  I'm not sure why Vulnerability would matter at the 1-level, but if I didn't bifurcate this I'm sure many would comment.

I'm sure I could offer several checkboxes in the same poll, but I've never tried that and I'd be a cinch to botch it*, so please do your best to navigate and vote below.

*(as Perry White said to Jimmy Olson in Superman's "The Human Bomb" (1953)---"You're a cinch to botch it.")  --- and maybe I have already botched the article.


And thank you David for a great article.

I pass in all cases
I overcall 1NT White matchpoints only
I overcall 1NT Red matchpoints only
I overcall 1NT at matchpoints only, either color.
I overcall 1NT White IMPs only
I overcall 1NT Red IMPs only
I overcall 1NT at IMPs only, either color
I overcall 1NT in all cases

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