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ACBL - Running a KO with a qualifying swiss?

Hi all,

I'm looking into trying to run the following event at one of our Seattle Sectionals:

Open Knockout (we do this already) with a qualifying swiss for the first two sessions (we don't do this yet). This would be a 4 session event with 2 sessions of Swiss followed by semifinal and final.

I remember seeing some details on Masterpoint awards being voted on/approved at recent national board meetings. However, its unclear to me what I need to know when thinking about running one of these events at our sectional. How it should display on the flyer, what the name should be, confirming that we can definitely run this.

Can anyone provide more info on what I need to know in order to ? Alternatively, suggestions on who would know more? For what its worth, we are thinking about running this event in May.


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