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ACBL Open Chart Question

Playing under the ACBL Open or Open+ Chart:

- there are restrictions on artificial pre-empts, i.e. any opening that may have less than average strength

- I can [agree to] open anything that shows a 'Very Strong' hand

Now think about 'intermediate' hands i.e. that don't qualify as 'Very Strong' but have more than 10 HCP. 

The only constraint I can find in the Open Chart is that "An Artificial opening bid showing two suits, neither of which is known." is not permitted.

But what about an artificial bid showing a one-suiter or a two suiter?  Can I open 2C showing any single- or two-suiter, at least 10 HCP, none of the possible suits specified?  

The pedant's answer seems to be 'yes' but it seems weird to allow a bid that is even less specific than one that is not allowed.

What am I missing?

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