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ACBL Masterpoint® Awards

We try to review masterpoint awards for all NABC+ events. After this year’s Spingold, several people pointed out inconsistencies that deserved investigation.

Some of these inconsistencies relate to oddities in our Masterpoint Awards Rules and Regulations ( We have started an overall review of these oddities and hope to improve the way they are documented.

We also discovered a minor irregularity in how our systems calculated the Spingold awards. We have now corrected the error and ACBL Live has automatically notified the participants in the event about the new award. We think we’ve nailed down the bug that caused this, but we know we also need to work hard on improving the tech support for tournaments in the future.

Thank you to those who helped us spot this problem. Thanks also to those who participated in the Spingold — we appreciate your patience and understanding about this correction process. You and many others helped make this summer's NABC a big success. We look forward to seeing you all in San Diego.

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