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ACBL Live For Clubs - how to email hands/results

ACBL has effectively retired their ACBL Club Results website and you can view only in their new ACBL Live For Clubs website.  The problem with the new website is that you can't copy hand diagrams and results into an (HTML) email without losing all of the formatting.

A workaround, if you have the excellent program BridgeComposer:

1.  Save the Bridgemate/Bridgepad BWS file at the bottom of the webpage.

2.  Open the hand record file in BridgeComposer.

3.  Click Tools --> Import Score Data (using the BWS file you saved in Step 1)

4.  Click File --> Display in Web Browser, then copy all and paste it in your email

 Anyone have an easier way to do this for those now using the new ACBL Live for Clubs website to view your club game results?

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