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ACBL Hierachy

My mind, and presumably yours, boggles at the number of committees, commissions, boards, et al that seem to flourish within the ever spiraling hierarchy of the ACBL.

I note that the website now has an Exhibit (Section 7 ) posted within the Honolulu BOD Exhibits that deals with the subject.


At the end of 17 pages, we see the following.  


"Section 7 -Management of Committees

Management will maintain a record of committees currently active.

An updated notebook, Committees and Special Appointments, which includes all standing, permanent, management, special, and other ACBL bodies appointed by the ACBL President, or ACBL Management (when the committee is to work with the Board of Directors) will be maintained. Any reimbursements and/or compensation will be included.

The Executive Director will provide the required staff support to committees as approved by the president.

The Executive Director appoints employees of ACBL as staff liaison or as members to committees, subject to the provisions of the enabling legislation under which the committee is established.

Staff liaison provides assistance to that committee, coordinates input to that committee from other staff elements and keeps the Executive Director informed of the workload placed on other staff elements and its progress toward achieving the purpose for which the committee was established."


I don't know the committee name supporting the required support staff.

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