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ACBL Governance - Proposal

While many of us have stated our concerns about the effectiveness of the current Governance structure, it is long past time to take the next step. Let’s begin mapping out a new governance structure for the ACBL.

We should expect that good people will come up with several proposals. These recommendations can be reconciled into a Best Concept structure.Trying to fix the current structure seems to be a futile exercise. Starting with a clean slate should result in a much better design.

To replace the existing governance structure with something better, you will need a list of all of the activities that the DoB handles.

Start with the list of Committees,

Any governance replacement must provide for the current activities. If you feel that anything is missing from the current responsibilities, add it to your list.

What is likely to occur is that a significant amount of current BoD activities will be moved lower in the organizational structure. This will allow for shrinking the size of the BoD.

What about the Board of Governors? What role if any do you see for continuing this panel?

How about the CEO? How does that role fit into your recommended organizational structure?

My proposal can be found here:

Your constructive comments are encouraged.

Len Fettig


Additional comments on the Proposal:

In this proposal, the Board of Directors is only involved in strategic topics. Shrinking the duties means shrinking the size; likely in the range of 6-8 members.

All decision-making is handled by the nine Panels. All of the current 17 BoD Committees have been accounted for. Some have been combined as appropriate.

Two new Panels are being created. They are Membership Recruitment and Retention and Leadership Development.The ACBL is a membership organization which has not had a Membership recruitment component.

Leadership Development is an investment in developing our various management teams; Clubs, Unit and Districts. The Leadership Development Panel also has the role of recruiting and selecting members to fill the Panels. As such, it is also a Human Resources function.

Staffing for the Panels will take 40-50 people. They will come from the Board of Governors, Clubs, Teachers, Units and Districts. For those members who have called for more engagement for Clubs and Teachers, this is just what you wanted.

I hope these additional comments are helpful. I'd be pleased to add further clarity or to respond to messages. However, I do not engage in debates on BW. When I want to invite frustration into my life, I go play golf.

                                                                                 Let's Build for Tomorrow.

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