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ACBL Club Appreciation Team games.

ACBL allows clubs in October each year to have a Club Appreciation Team (CAT), normally a Swiss Team game, for each sanction session, with the masterpoint  awards beging 5% gold limited to .25 points maximum per game. 

Our club tries to maximize this for our newer players so they have team of 4 with IMP  scoring practice.


Yet in our case these games are had to schedule in October since that month also had

  • A unit sectional
  • Mutlitiple days of Regional events.
  • Almost had a end of Month REACH
  • Instant Match Point Game
  • Externally the Dallas State Fair going on, taking away one director who works at the fair and some players.

Plus in our club the ability to Run Team games falls on a couple of directors making their schedule critical to scheduling a CAT.

And yes, having so many Team games in one month makes many players feel Team game overload occurs.

Our scheduler would like the ACBL to consider making the CAT games  a once a year per session any month instead.

 Your thoughts.


ACBL should get rid of the CAT games, Gold should not exist in the Club
Other than your club no one else uses these games, so there is no need to change them.
Modification is desirable and should be considered by the ACBL
Modification may be desirable but this is a very minor in importance to really be considered
Other solution to the CAT in October prolem, please resond

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