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About polling players in clubs

A recent 12c1c thread (weighted adjustments) got somehow contaminated with arguments about polling players.

Polling players is no more or no less necessary while using 12c1c than before.

The process of polling should come naturally: A TD gets a case, is not sure about the different outcomes, asks players if he has suitable ones available. It should never be an embarrassment of any sort. Even if the TD considers himself a great player.

It is becoming more of an established good practice, but it was already a good practice before. It is not a perfect solution, but it is a good practice.

However, when directing in clubs, especially smaller ones, adequate polling can be difficult if not impossible.

I just wanted to make a suggestion, following what I know that other TDs do at different levels of the game (clubs included): When you feel the need to poll players and you don´t have suitable players around, use the internet. BBO or OKB friends, online peers through skype or facetime, or other. There are currently many ways to be in touch with people that can help you out when you´re stuck that the problem of "in my club I can´t poll because...", valid as it is, can be solved this way. Of course, it is preferable to be face to face with the pollees, but if not possible, this might be a solution.

It is not a solution to just say "I don´t do it".

The most difficult part about polling is to learn how to ask the right questions the right way, but that´s for a future article.

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