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ABA 2020 Spring National in Baltimore this April

When? Thursday, April 2nd through Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

Where? Sheraton Inner Harbor, 300 South Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201 Rooms are sold out and overflow hotel is now available (Renaissance on 202 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202). Bridge rate is $109 a night.

Entry fees are $12 per session except for the F. Alberta Peterson Scholarship game which is $18. All times are Eastern Daylight Saving Time. The entry fee is the same for both Open games and New Player games. The ceiling for New Players is 600 (translates to 300 in the ACBL). Many of us compete in both organizations. 

You'll be happy to know there are 3 different pair games on Thursday (10:00, 2:00 and 7:30). The previously mentioned scholarship game is the evening session and is one of my favorite events.  

Friday's schedule includes the Morning Knockout (horizontal event at 9:00), a side game at the same time, the C. G. Fredd Knockout (a vertical event at 1:30 and 7:30), 2 more side games at the same time, and for those who got knocked out in the 1:30 event Knockout II at 7:30. C. G. Fredd hailed from Atlanta, Georgia.

Saturday's schedule includes the 2nd round of the Morning Knockout at 9:00 and another event called the AM Knockout II the same time. The C. G. Fredd will finish up with the semi-finals and finals at 1:30 and 7:30. For those who prefer match points we have another 2-session Open Pairs at 1:30  and 7:30.

Sunday's activities include the Memorial Service at 8:45. Afterwards, there is the Pro-Am at 10:00. Am is 0-600 and Pro is over 2000. The other main event is the Mixed Pairs at 2:00 and 7:30 (afternoon and evening). We also have the Women's Pairs the same time and 3 different side games.

No ABA national can be complete without the General Membership Meeting (9:00) and the Awards Brunch (11:30) on Monday. The main event for that day is is the Dan Scrivens Open Pairs at 2:30 and 8:00. We will have side games for 2:30 and 8:00. Dan Scrivens hailed from Dayton, Ohio.

Tuesday's activities include the semi-finals of both the Morning Knockout and the AM Knockout II (9:00). For those who thrive in the Reisinger, we'll also have the 2-session Board-A-Match that afternoon and evening at 1:30 and 7:30. The only scores are ones, halves and zeroes. We will have side games at all 3 times. Does anyone realize that side games were suggested by a Chicagoan named Bob Price? Also, his administration invented the different masterpoint categories.

The final day (Wednesday) we will have all activity at 9:00. Those include the finals of the Morning Knockout and AM Knockout II as well as the Au Revoir Pairs.  As of now, I don't know the t-shirt day or Greek day or any other theme day. However, since the spring national is in my home town and is Baltimore's first national since July of 1987 (hear hear) we would love the bridge community to come out to play. Last time the ABA national occurred in District 6 territory was Summer 2016 in Arlington, Virginia. Come for a game, come for a day, come for a knockout, come out to play!  See any one of us regarding membership or other privileges. 

This national tournament is only a few days after Columbus ends and there's plenty of time to get ready for Montreal in July. The Summer National will be due west of Chicago Monday, August 10 through Wednesday, August 19 in Lombard, Illinois.

Thanks all for playing our favorite game.

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