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A unique hand

Towards the end of a Regional Pair Event, you pick up this unique collection:

AKQJ10xx AKJ10x void

With no one vulnerable, RHO passes. What's your opening bid? I'm sure the standard treatment is to play your 6-level opening bids as weak and preemptive, so this hand is too good to open 6. Instead you open 2. LHO comes in with 3 and partner passes (showing a bad hand). RHO passes again and now it is time to jump to 6.

Of course a nice 16-count from partner such as void xx KQJxxx AKQJx would not be enough to make 6 on the A opening lead and a trump switch, but instead partner tables a powerful 1-count:

xxx xx xxxx Jxxx.

LHO leads a high diamond and switches to the A. You ruff and consider your options. If hearts are 33 the hand is cold, if they are 51 (clearly with 5 on your right) you pretty much have no chance. Dummy's spade spots are low, you are missing the 8 and 9, so you can't reach dummy enough times to finesse hearts twice.

The most interesting case is when hearts break 42 with the queen in the long hand.

If your LHO has Qxxx of hearts, you can pull 2 rounds of trumps and if everyone follows, take the ruffing finesse. You can also succeed by pulling one round of trumps and then ruff your 2 losing hearts, but that only works if RHO started with 2 hearts and at most one spade, impossible after the bidding.

If your RHO has Qxxx of hearts (way more likely), you have to pull one round of trumps and then ruff your 2 hearts, hoping that LHO started with 2 hearts and a singleton spade.

So after that bidding, you choose to play RHO for Qxxx of hearts. You cash one high trump, both following, and then cash the AK of hearts. You advance a third heart and are delighted to see LHO discard a club! RHO did start with 98 and Qxxx.

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