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A Three-Table Party Ladder

I've been asked to run a bridge game for a retirement community.  They have a successful bridsge program, thanks to an active resident promoter.  The game has signed up 11 tables of "advanced" players (half have no duplicate experience other than in the community), three of "intermediate" and three of beginner - which means no duplicate experience at all.

I devised a three-table ladder for the beginners.  The winning pair (the total-points winner out of four boards) at each table will oppose each other on the next round.  Table 1 winners stay at table 1; table 2 winners go to table 1; table 3 winners go to table 2.  Losers at 1 go to 2, from 2 go to 3, and from 3 stay.  I'd like to arrange that the direction-assignments (2 North -> 1 East and so on) prevent players from partnering each other more than once, but the combinations are spinning my head.

It's likely that this concept has been done before, and worked out correctly.  I'd appreciate help if any is available.

My current rules are these:

Table 1: If NS win: N stays, S-1W, W-2E, E-2S.  If EW win: N-2E, S-2S, W-1N, W stays

Table 2: If NS win: N-1E, S-1S, E-3N, W-3W.  If EW win: N-3N, S-3W, E-1E, W-1S

Table 3: If NS win: N-2N, S-2W, E-3S, W-3E.  If EW win: N-3E, S-3E, E-2S, W-2E

I think the concept could be applied to 3-table home-bridge played by duplicate players and scored by IMPs, with boards shared among the 3 tables each round.  This would need something like cross-IMPs, which might be complex to compute...  (But my plan includes scoring on the table cards instead of private scores, which should help.)



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